TV measurement and analytics company 605 and VIZIO announce extended agreement

TV measurement and analytics company 605 and VIZIO announce extended agreement

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Global television and cross-platform measurement, analytics and attribution company, 605, a global has announced the renewal of their existing agreement with VIZIO, a provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technologies from its Inscape data division.

The extended partnership will support 605’s measurement, attribution, and reporting capabilities through the continued delivery and use of Inscape’s data set.

Under the newly formed agreement, 605 will maintain access to VIZIO’s Inscape ACR data from approximately 20 million opted-in VIZIO Smart TVs for planning and measurement. The extended agreement, in its third renewal, will now run through the end of 2026.

Kristin Dolan, founder and CEO, 605: “In a rapidly evolving measurement landscape, our longstanding partnership with Inscape further validates the stability and longevity of 605’s industry-leading deterministic viewership data set,” said. “We are excited to embark on this next phase of our integration of VIZIO’s Inscape data as we continue our focus on providing actionable insights that enable clients to more accurately target and measure audiences, improve campaigns and maximize the return on investment for every advertising dollar.”

Ken Norcross, Senior Director, Data Strategy, VIZIO: “Inscape’s second-by-second glass-level data has been at the forefront of powering products that are bringing greater transparency and scale to the measurement sector. We’re proud to continue to provide support for the measurement industry with our currency-grade data.”

As the largest single source of opt-in smart TV viewing data available in the market today, VIZIO’s Inscape currency-grade data provides significant and unique benefits to 605’s brand, agency, content provider, and multichannel video programming distributor (MVPD) clients. The inclusion of Inscape’s viewing data in 605’s services will also support and expand access to Advanced Audiences, the first road-mapped deliverable from 605’s independent media trading currency, 605 EXCHAN6E, that offers a highly customizable approach to targeting granular audiences and driving superior outcomes.

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