VICE Audio announces spring podcast premieres

VICE Audio announces spring podcast premieres

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VICE Audio, the audio storytelling division of VICE Media Group, has announced the launch of two new podcast series: “Strongman”, and “The Crisis,” released in both English and Spanish.

 The two internationally focused podcast series bolster VICE News’ growing footprint in global multiplatform reporting and continue VICE Audio’s expansion as one of the leading premium podcast producers.

Kate Osoborn, Vice President, VICE Audio: “Strongman and The Crisis are the type of ambitious podcasts our listeners expect from VICE News, and they showcase our strengths in audio storytelling. We’re telling complex stories from all over the world, providing a unique, 360-degree experience; we never simply parachute into a region to only capture a snapshot. Our entire production process is grounded in authenticity, from working with local journalists to crafting original musical scores informed by regional musical traditions. As a result, VICE’s podcasts are distinctly nuanced, intimate portraits of the world we live in.”

Premiering Monday, March 22, the weekly “Strongman” podcast hosted by VICE News correspondent Hind Hassan will explore the many forms of authoritarianism with a series of intimate narratives about the abuse of power and control at all levels of society.

The show will feature first-person stories from around the globe, ranging from intimate partner abuse, to the separation of Native American families, to police violence in Kenya -- to Egypt’s reckoning with women’s rights under its current government.

“The Crisis,” also available in a Spanish-language version entitled “Contra Natura,” premieres March 31 and brings listeners to stories at the frontline of the climate crisis. Hosted by Ramon Campos Iriarte, Sayre Quevedo, and Agnes Walton, this first season is a deep dive into a cross-border mystery that involves an American coal company accused of being involved in the murder of several workers at at their mine in Colombia.

The immersive series adds to VICE News’ innovative climate coverage which has proven engaging and impactful for our younger audiences. The new series build on VICE’s continued expansion of the newsroom’s audio storytelling efforts in recent years, and add to the company’s roster of award-winning and critically acclaimed audio series, including Chapo: Kingpin on Trial, Uncommitted: Iowa 2020, The Distance: Coronavirus Dispatches, Source Material, Painkiller: America’s Fentanyl Crisis, and its flagship news podcast, VICE News Reports.

These two new podcasts are the latest content launches from VICE World News, VICE Media Group’s international news network, producing hundreds of hours of television, digital and audio news programming for a global audience. The first episode of “Strongman” is now available everywhere you get your podcasts with new episodes publishing weekly on Mondays. “The Crisis” drops in full on March 31, 2021, everywhere you get your podcasts.

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