VICE Media launches multimedia project produced from user-generated content

VICE Media launches multimedia project produced from user-generated content

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VICE Media Group has announced the launch of Source Material, an innovative and gripping multimedia project from VICE World News available now on VICE News YouTube and all the places consumers get their podcasts, with eight episodes dropping weekly starting October 30.

Combining video and audio storytelling, Source Material is produced entirely from user-generated content, telling the world’s biggest stories in the most unfiltered way possible: directly from the recordings of those who lived it.

With reports ranging from war zones to wildfires, the series is presented without a host, allowing the audience to get a raw look at news events from the people who lived the headlines. Each episode will be released as both an in-depth original podcast and a dynamic short film, produced uniquely for each medium, so the audience can experience the event in two ways.

Jesse Angelo, President, Global News and Entertainment, VICE Media Group: “VICE News is famous for our boots-on-the-ground reporting that brings our audience directly into the story. We are constantly thinking of innovative ways to deliver our journalism and Source Material brings the audience straight to the firsthand sources themselves—unfiltered and unvarnished. Cellphone videos, live streams, CCTV, dash-cams, and user-generated content are increasingly part of how we consume the news, and this documentary series shows a new way to tell stories in a world where almost everything is captured on camera.”

 The ambitious multimedia series launches with the premiere episode bringing audiences aboard two of the world’s largest cruise ships at the start of the COVID-19 crisis. The episodes provide a firsthand look at crew members' lives as they find themselves stranded at sea. With new episodes launching each week, Source Material will feature episodes on the shooting at Yaya’s BBQ in Louisville in the midst of Black Lives Matter protests this summer; the Australian wildfires; Georgia's Ware State Prison riot; the Syrian civil war; the Las Vegas shooting; and more. Building off the success of VICE News in the U.S, VICE World News is a newly-launched content hub from VICE Media Group, producing hundreds of hours of international television, digital and audio news programming for a global audience.

 The premium documentaries, docu-series and original podcasts will focus on the core issues that so define VICE's content: extremism, climate, drugs, privacy, politics, inequality, and race.

Source Material video series is directed by Ian Bell with editing from Alex Megaro. Executive producers are Vivek Kemp, Shawn Killbrew and Courtney Brooks. Source Material the podcast is produced by Peter Lang-stanton, Nicole Kelly, Stephanie Brown. Sound design by Kyle Murdock and Steve Bone. Executive produced and edited by Kate Osborn.

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