Xandr and emetriq power MagentaTV audience targeting in Connected TV

Xandr and emetriq power MagentaTV audience targeting in Connected TV

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Xandr and emetriq, a German data provider and subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, have partnered to make real audience targeting across publishers in Connected TV, CTV, possible for the first time.

Powered by MagentaTV data and emetriq’s multi-ID graph, the solution provides strong targeting use cases within the CTV landscape, offering a privacy-safe option. This solution is exclusively available across the Xandr platform.

To create the targeting solution, emetriq can activate aggregated segments based on data from MagentaTV and thus offer targeting on viewing behaviour in a scalable and GDPR-compliant manner in the CTV environment. By combining data from TV viewing behaviour with audience data from the emetriq multi-graph ID; the targeting is possible through the exclusive real-time data integration between Xandr and emetriq.

This solution allows advertisers to tap into a variety of true omnichannel opportunities, such as audience targeting, spot retargeting or adding additional reach to their campaigns. Advertisers used to traditional cookie-based campaigns, can replicate these setups in CTV using this solution and achieve the same outcome for areas such as audience targeting. In addition, advertisers can also use this solution to enhance storytelling scenarios through spot retargeting or to add reach to linear TV campaigns by targeting user groups that are no longer reached through traditional media buying.

Robert Kraemer, senior director, CTV and Omnichannel, Central Europe, Xandr: “We’re pleased to share that we’ve been working closely with emetriq to find a solution to audience targeting in CTV. With privacy being a continuous concern for users across advertising, emetriq’s audience graph ensures users privacy is fully respected across publishers. The new solution is exclusively available across Xandr’s platform. We look forward to sharing this with our customers as they look for scalable audience targeting in the CTV space”.

Peter Lorenz, product lead, emetriq: “With this product, data protection and privacy come first. As a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom we handle sensitive data very carefully. Our approach ensures a great, scalable and privacy-friendly way of enabling MagentaTV viewing behaviour for CTV.”

With the solution no customer data is passed from Telekom’s systems to Xandr’s ensuring full GDPR compliance. As the aggregated segments from emetriq are based on the data for which the individual user has given consent on MagentaTV, this means on the publisher side only traffic where a CMP is already in place is used.

Can Zeybekler, managing director, MPX GmBH: “By using emetriq’s MagentaTV data, we are now able to reach the high-value TV light-viewer segment even more efficiently. The use of MagentaTV data helps us scale our programmatic cross-media premium product CASTX. Thanks to emetriq, we are able to reach the desired target groups even more efficiently than before. Also, we have the possibility to target in a more granular way by targeting specific segments which include only specific genres or streaming providers.”





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