Xandr enables multiple TV currencies for data-driven linear campaigns

Xandr enables multiple TV currencies for data-driven linear campaigns

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 Xandr has unveiled new standardized and flexible data framework, in collaboration with some of the industry’s leading data providers, 605, Comscore, EDO, Samba TV, TVision and VideoAmp.

 This capability will enable customers to seamlessly activate their preferred viewership or engagement data currency for data-driven linear campaigns using Xandr’s buy and sell-side advanced TV platforms, Invest TV and Monetize TV.

This development is a direct result of the seismic shift from a single to multi-currency TV marketplace. Onboarding new data sets for audience segmentation typically requires significant time and extensive product development.

By partnering industry-wide across data providers on this new solution, Xandr enables the evaluation and activation of new currencies quicker than previously possible, allowing more agile use of the data – benefiting sellers, buyers and data providers.

Mark Mitchell, VP, business development, Xandr: “The influx of innovations around audience targeting and use of data-driven linear TV advertising has triggered a demand for alternative data sets which allow for more precise targeting and measurement against audience and business outcomes. Activating these data sets for trial and evaluation, especially as we approach the 2022/23 Upfronts, must be made easier. Xandr is making investments to power the adoption of new currencies and propel the industry forward.”

Casey Gould, SVP ad sales and advanced advertising, Crown Media: “By enabling support for multiple data provider segments, Monetize TV will allow us to easily and quickly evaluate and utilize new data currencies, while offering insight into how various data can optimize TV schedules across our linear networks. This is yet another advanced tool that increases the value we bring to our advertising partners, and ultimately bolsters our linear business.”

Bharad Ramesh, executive director, research & investment analytics, GroupM: “We welcome this move towards making video impressions more accountable in the advanced TV space. Giving advertisers flexibility in their choice of measurement partners and on measurement outcomes is a clear step forward. We look forward to working with Xandr and learning together.”




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