WOO Global Congress to focus on sustainability
24-05-2023 | 16:00:03
WOO has just announced a Sustainability Task Force led by blowUp Media CEO Katrin Robertson and she will be one of a heavyweight panel discussing the subject in Lisbon on the second day of Congress.

LoopMe achieves carbon neutrality helping create a sustainable digital advertising ecosystem
04-05-2023 | 15:10:09
LoopMe, a technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance, has announced that it has reached net zero for Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions, thereby becoming a carbon neutral advertising partner.

Influencers can switch people on to sustainable living, Unilever study
04-04-2023 | 16:12:49
Unilever, alongside a cohort of eco-conscious influencers and behavioural scientists, has announced the results of a first of its kind examination of the role of influencer content in impacting sustainable choices.

Volkswagen restructures Sustainability unit
28-03-2023 | 16:56:53
The Volkswagen Group is restructuring its Sustainability unit; Dirk Voeste will be appointed as the new Chief Sustainability Officer with effect from April 1, 2023 and will report to Gernot Döllner, Head of Group Strategy and General Secretariat.

IKEA to use bio-based glue for reduced climate footprint
27-03-2023 | 12:05:00
Finding new glue solutions is one of the main approaches to reducing the IKEA climate footprint, and most glue consumption is used in board production.

GreenIT and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to develop floating offshore wind farms in Italy
24-03-2023 | 09:42:34
The plants will be located on average roughly 30 km off from the coast and have an overall capacity of approximately 2 GW.

Danish Carlsberg brewery saves 1 billion litres of water with new technology
22-03-2023 | 16:06:25
Almost two years ago, Carlsberg Denmark broke grounds on its new water recycling plant. Since then, by recycling 90% of all process water from production, the brewery has saved almost 1 billion litres of water.

IKEA and partners to lower carbon emissions on one of the longest non-stop rail distances in Europe
20-03-2023 | 08:47:17
IKEA does 2 million shipments a year and 4.3% of the total IKEA value chain climate footprint comes from product transport.

Deutsche Bank announces additional measures to reinforce net zero commitment
17-03-2023 | 14:28:19
This includes a number of measures to support clients on their path to realign their business model towards more sustainability. The bank also reaffirms its commitment to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

Carlsberg Group commits to UN Women’s Empowerment Principles
17-03-2023 | 14:16:22
Carlsberg Group has signed the guiding principles on women’s empowerment and gender equity, further cementing the company’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion commitment.

Volvo Group accelerates sustainable mobility with innovation hubs on three continents
10-03-2023 | 14:45:41
Under the CampX concept, startups with promising technologies for electric and autonomous vehicles and digital solutions are invited to collaborate with Volvo’s chief engineers and business experts during short validation projects at the CampX innovation hubs.

Mitsubishi Corporation invests in Swedish Biofuels
27-02-2023 | 11:30:00
Swedish Biofuels AB has announced an investment by Mitsubishi Corporation to jointly accelerate commercial deployment of clean renewable fuels using Swedish Biofuels advanced alcohol to jet (ATJ) technology.

Volkswagen to train 22,000 production employees for e-mobility by 2025
24-02-2023 | 12:05:00
Europe’s largest car manufacturing complex is launching a retraining campaign to train and develop production employees in e-mobility.

Volvo among top players in the electric trucks market
23-02-2023 | 11:00:00
In 2022 the market for heavy  electric trucks in Europe, grew by 200% to 1,041 trucks, and Volvo Trucks holds the highest share of this market.

Deutsche Bank and WWF partner to advance sustainable finance
15-02-2023 | 17:34:54
Deutsche Bank's Private Bank Germany and WWF Germany have signed an agreement in Berlin for an initial two-year advisory service.

Carlsberg Group concludes Together Towards ZERO programme, exceeding targets on carbon and water
14-02-2023 | 16:17:47
The resulting ambitions for a ZERO Carbon Footprint, ZERO Water Waste, ZERO Irresponsible Drinking and a ZERO Accidents Culture set quantitative targets to be achieved by the end of 2022.

Comcast issues $1 billion green bond to fund clean energy, infrastructure projects
13-02-2023 | 10:45:00
Comcast has announced the issuance of a $1 billion 10-year green bond, offering investors the opportunity to support environmental efforts such as those currently underway or under consideration as part of Comcast’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2035.

IKEA increases transparency about origin of wood in products
13-02-2023 | 10:30:00
IKEA uses wood more than any other material, and for the very first time, shares all of the 45 markets suppliers sourced wood from in FY22.

DEPT helps measure and reduce organizational footprint as Salesforce Net Zero cloud partner
09-02-2023 | 13:19:59
With Salesforce Net Zero Cloud, organisations can track, analyse and report on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives, including measuring and reducing carbon emissions.

TotalEnergies and Air Liquide develop a network of hydrogen stations for heavy duty vehicles in Europe
08-02-2023 | 12:25:00
TotalEnergies and Air Liquide have announced their decision to create an equally owned joint venture to develop a network of hydrogen stations, geared towards heavy duty vehicles on major European road corridors.