CIM announces new strategic partnership to help develop ‘whole marketers’

CIM announces new strategic partnership to help develop ‘whole marketers’

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The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Abigail Dixon, director & founder of Labyrinth Marketing have announced a strategic partnership to deliver a new industry-leading course, aimed at the professional development and personal development of the modern marketer.

The ‘Whole Marketer course’ will empower marketers enabling them to take a holistic view of the leadership, technical and soft skills required for a successful career in marketing, while also the personal understanding to live a fulfilled life.

The new course has been jointly developed and accredited by both organisations as part of CIM’s new ‘affiliate programme’. The 12-week virtual course will be headed up by Abigail Dixon, who authored a book of the same title and will provide marketers with an analysis of the tools and skills today’s marketer need.

The programme also explores the personal understanding of being a successful business leader, enabling attendees to understand what drives them, defines their success, values and goals and the things which may be holding them back.

Delivered virtually, the short three-hour sessions are perfect for the busy marketer and are packed with practical advice and examples of what ‘great’ looks like in practice. Attendees will also gain access to an online community where they can meet other likeminded marketers.

Abigail Dixon, director & founder, Labyrinth Marketing: “Many marketers feel overwhelmed, due to the breadth and increased accountability of their marketing role. They feel inundated by the new approaches, coupled with personal life demands. With so many courses focused on improving marketing skills and not the actual marketer, it made perfect sense to partner with CIM to help marketers take back ownership, enabling them to create their own path, which meets their individual needs.”

James Sutton, commercial director at CIM: “The partnership with Abigail made perfect sense as the core premise of her book aligns perfectly with our own passion around the importance of professional development. With the pace of the marketing sector increasing, new technologies being launched every day and rising concerns over mental health, the modern marketer is under immense pressure and needs support.”

We felt a real synergy working with Abigail on this new programme and are convinced that it will empower marketers to not only upskill themselves but to meet their potential while learning how to protect and improve their wellbeing.”

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