[eMarketer] Google and Apple could shrink Twitter Blue’s revenue potential

[eMarketer] Google and Apple could shrink Twitter Blue’s revenue potential

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk’s plan to save the social media company with new revenue streams faces headwinds from Google and Apple.

The initial rollout of the $7.99 per month Twitter Blue subscription service was derailed, but the social media company has scheduled a relaunch for November 29.

With a majority of Twitter users accessing the platform via iPhones and Android devices, Apple’s 30% commission and Google’s 15% cut are poised to affect Twitter’s revenue potential.

The relatively modest revenue gains for Apple and Google could equate to devastating losses for Twitter.

According to eMarketer, Apple and Google’s gatekeeper status could be a roadblock for Twitter’s financial solvency, but that pales in comparison to other issues.

Similar to the rise of Mastodon earlier this month, Hive Social is getting an influx of signups as a Twitter alternative and is the #4 trending topic in the US.

Even more worrisome for the company is that amid mass resignations following layoffs of half of Twitter’s employees, Musk is considering further job cuts.

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