Havas Media Group partners with Pubmatic to increase advertiser return on ad spend

Havas Media Group partners with Pubmatic to increase advertiser return on ad spend

18-08-2022 15:01:58 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1136 | Tags:

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, has announced an expanded supply path optimization (SPO) partnership with Havas Media Group (HMG) North America.

The partnership makes PubMatic a preferred SSP for the agency’s brand clients in North America, bringing publishers and brands together through the HMG proprietary Converged platform, which enables buyers to connect their data more directly with that of publishers.

Havas Media Group selected PubMatic for their premium omnichannel offerings and technology capabilities that provide brands and publishers future-proofed, high-performing sell-side data activation. The company’s commitment to renewable energy initiatives also played a role in the decision.

Andrew Goode, EVP, Managing Director, Investment, Havas Media: “PubMatic is an ideal partner as we build out our meaningful media strategy for our brands and help them navigate a shifting addressability landscape. They not only have a commitment to quality supply, they also deliver premium data capabilities across channels, including connected TV, online video, and mobile app. We are particularly impressed with PubMatic’s scale and efficiency, and appreciate that their platform is flexible and easy to use. Our partnership helps enable our global identity-based planning and buying platform, Converged, by centering the audience and consumer behavior in the media process with an increased focus on data privacy, while keeping in mind a cookieless future.”

Havas Media Group selected PubMatic for its leadership in omnichannel innovation and addressability in addition to providing access to quality inventory at scale across ad formats and devices. PubMatic and Havas Media Group have built a long-term partnership to develop and scale the next generation of omnichannel, privacy-compliant addressability solutions with sell-side innovation, higher match rates, and enhanced efficiency. This announcement follows the recent launch of Connect, PubMatic’s fully integrated addressability solution that helps buyers target audiences via the data currency of their choice.

Kyle Dozeman, CRO, Americas, PubMatic: “We have long prioritized transparency and have created a mutually beneficial ecosystem that helps brands drive campaign ROI and reach their audiences in a premium context while maximizing return for publishers. This approach aligns extremely well with our partnership with Havas Media Group and their Converged platform to power enhanced value for brands and publishers.”



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