Hearst partners with Michael Clinton to launch new company, Roar forward

Hearst partners with Michael Clinton to launch new company, Roar forward

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Michael Clinton and Hearst have announced the formation of a new venture, ROAR forward, a business-to-business intelligence insights and content platform and consumer membership community focused on the new market of “Re-Imagineers.”

 This new demographic segment of individuals aged 50 and over is redefining the second half of life in their careers, passions and lifestyles. Clinton founded the entity with Hearst as partner and investor; the terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

ROAR forward will provide business insights and intelligence to brands and companies through the ROAR Report with proprietary data and research, as well as with bulletins, seminars, workshops, original content and events to shed light on the dynamically changing market demographic of individuals aged 50-plus.

ROAR forward will also host a Re-Imagineer community through a membership platform that will provide content, learning modules, events and more.

Michael Clinton: “Today’s 50-plus-year-olds represent 35% of the population. As longevity increases, this group is completely redefining their futures, rejecting old patterns of work and lifestyle. That includes working longer, becoming entrepreneurs, developing new fitness and wellness regimens and more. Government, business, media and entertainment need to understand how this group is changing all of the cultural patterns.”

Clinton: “Re-Imagineers are driving the ‘New Longevity’ economy. This market controls almost 70% of all of the wealth in the U.S. and accounts for 50% of consumer spending power. They have ambition and new attitudes and behaviors unrivaled by any previous demographic group. ROAR forward’s goal is to help businesses and our membership community connect in better ways with this new reality.”

Ken Bronfin, senior managing director, Hearst Ventures: “Michael is one of the most creative thinkers and marketers I’ve ever known. He has identified a unique market and developed a strategy with huge growth potential. Our investment strategy is focused on businesses that are adjacent to Hearst’s diversified portfolio, and ROAR forward connects the dots between brands, a vast group of consumers and important business intelligence.”

ROAR forward is an outgrowth of Clinton’s best-selling book, ROAR into the second half of life, now in its third printing. He is a speaker and writer on the subject of the New Longevity for Esquire, Men’s Health and Oprah Daily. In late 2022, DailyOM, in partnership with Everyday Health, will launch a seven-lesson ROAR course curriculum.



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