My Code launches entity to help brands create inclusive marketing content for the LGBTQ+ community

My Code launches entity to help brands create inclusive marketing content for the LGBTQ+ community

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My Code, the digital media company that enables brands, agencies, publishers and storytellers to decode and connect with multifaceted and diverse audiences, has announced the launch of Pride Code, a new entity to help brands create inclusive and authentic marketing content that speaks to the LGBTQ+ community. This addition allows My Code to continue working with brands to ensure that increasing populations of diverse audiences are accurately and thoughtfully represented.

My Code’s Studio team has experience building LGBTQ+ content for over 10 years and the research team has been gathering data across multicultural audiences for the past five years. Their foundation of multicultural research has allowed My Code to gather insight into LGBTQ+ consumers across Hispanic, Black and AAPI communities. My Code empowers advertisers to accurately identify, reach and connect with consumers across 780+ publisher sites, and at launch, Pride Code premium publisher partners include GayCityNews, PinkNews,, and more.

Annie Leal, VP of Content, My Code: “As a Queer Latina, I’m incredibly proud to be a part of a company that not only understands, but celebrates my identities and encourages brands to do the same. With the launch of Pride Code, LGBTQ+ creators, publishers, and production partners will all be involved throughout the creative process to help brands achieve authenticity with these communities in their marketing efforts.”

My Code is kicking off Pride Month with this launch to support brands in aligning their marketing efforts around a significant LGBTQ+ celebration and to go beyond a rainbow brand logo. Pride Code will continue to guide brands in reaching and engaging LGBTQ+ consumers with its unique offerings and tools to achieve accurate representation and connection with this growing community.

Jennifer White, COO, My Code: “While expanding My Code’s range of offerings we've had the chance to see what types of messaging and marketing practices resonate the most with different segments of the LGBTQ+ community and their preferences towards various advertising tactics. Launching Pride Code brings the company to the next level in appealing to underrepresented affinity groups in a way that enables brands to authentically reflect LGBTQ+ lives in creative content and messaging.”

Pride Code is the latest entity to be added to My Code’s broadening list of established and notable Cultural and Affinity Codes that reach over 60 million Female, Hispanic, Black, AAPI, and LGBTQ+ audiences. Pride Code’s launch comes at a significant stage of growth for the company which recently acquired Impremedia, the leading Hispanic news and information company.

Aided by the company's growing services in multicultural media and marketing, My Code offers custom branded content informed by data, integrated partnerships with publishers and talent, and high-impact media across audio, CTV/OTT, video and display. It also provides clients with proprietary first-party data through its Intelligence Center, which provides layers of audience insights to help brands better understand their target audience.

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