New Viant and IRIS.TV partnership brings exclusive TV segments to marketers

New Viant and IRIS.TV partnership brings exclusive TV segments to marketers

18-05-2022 08:05:00 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1355 | Tags:

Viant Technology Inc. a people-based advertising software company, has partnered with IRIS.TV, the only data platform built for video.

This new partnership brings a first-of-its-kind solution integrating IRIS-enabled insights into the Viant® Household ID, empowering marketers to leverage deep, contextual, cookieless TV data to more effectively target and measure activations.

Tom Wolfe, SVP, Business Development, Viant: “With video consumption on the rise, there is a heightened need for breadth, depth, and accuracy of video data to help marketers understand and reach their target customers, in a privacy-compliant manner. Bringing IRIS.TV’s wealth of data associated with video content to Viant’s unique household-based approach, means marketers are now more informed, allowing for the ability to target the right consumers in the right moments.”

With this integration, Viant can apply learned viewership behaviors to its leading patented Household ID technology, providing marketers consumer insights for building repeatable, high performance planning strategies, specifically in connected TV (CTV).

Viant’s Household ID will now be enriched with IRIS.TV’s video-level targetable insights. Organizing insights through an understanding of video content data Viant is able to leverage important audience keywords such as “Netflix”, “Hulu”, “baseball”, “parenting” – creating impactful, video-informed Viant household TV audiences.

Richie Hyden, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, IRIS.TV: “Viant’s innovative Household ID approach is a natural match for IRIS.TV’s video-level data offerings. This powerful combination of understanding the ‘who’ of the household to the ‘what’ of the viewing habits gives marketers more accuracy, less waste – and can help brands build deeper connections by delivering more relevant ads to consumers.”

Starting today, Viant is extending – to select marketers – unique opportunities to employ the new segments across major connected TV and online video media partners, with post-campaign measurement and attribution.


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