Organización Radial Olímpica selects Triton Digital to optimize audio streaming

Organización Radial Olímpica selects Triton Digital to optimize audio streaming

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Triton Digital® the global technology and services player in the digital audio and podcast industry, has announced Organización Radial Olímpica has selected Triton Digital’s suite of audio streaming solutions to deliver high-quality streaming, a better understanding of audiences, and improved monetization of audio inventory.

Rafael Páez Rodríguez, National Production Manager, Organización Radial Olímpica:“Our mission is to bring entertainment, information, and joy to Colombians around the world. Triton Digital’s audio streaming technologies enable us to deliver a top-quality streaming service while gaining a better understanding of our audience to guide programming decisions and improved inventory monetization. With Triton Digital, we are able to seamlessly provide audiences with the content they seek and help our clients optimize their audio campaigns.”

Organización Radial Olímpica will leverage Triton Digital’s audio streaming solutions to better generate content of interest to its audience, delivering an optimal listening experience across all platforms and devices, and creating bonds of loyalty with listeners.

The Colombian radio broadcaster will use Triton Digital’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver the highest quality stream in the industry, providing a more stable connection for listeners. In addition, Organización Radial Olímpica will use Triton Digital’s Streaming Metrics for online audio consumption analytics, its ad platform Tap Live, purpose-built for broadcast radio to streamline ad operations and increase monetization, and its Supply Side Platform (SSP) to manage programmatic advertising for an enhanced advertiser buying experience.

Oscar Sermeno, Vice President of Market Strategy, Americas, Triton Digital: “As one of the top radio providers in Colombia, Organización Radial Olímpica needed an innovative solution that could keep pace with its audiences’ evolving needs. At Triton Digital, we are proud to offer flexible and compatible audio streaming technologies that solve for the unique challenges of today and continue to evolve to support the audio streaming strategies of tomorrow.”


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