PRCA and Releasd ignite new partnership for 2022

PRCA and Releasd ignite new partnership for 2022

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The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has partnered with Releasd to give PRCA members exclusive discounted access to Released - a world leading platform that showcases the value and scope of all PR activity. 

Releasd enables PR professionals to create highly visual coverage reports that showcase the full spectrum of modern communications activity, alongside innovative metrics.

As Releasd co-founders, Richard Benson and Elliot Jacobs have former careers in digital PR. They recognised existing PR reporting tools lacked the ability to measure or showcase the broad spectrum of modern PR activity. As a result, they designed Releasd - a platform that gives PR experts the ability to demonstrate the value of their work in a totally customisable format - vital in an era where the industry offers so much more than media relations.  

Formerly known as Nectarize, Releasd has 1,000s of customers worldwide including freelancers, agencies of all sizes, and in-house teams. It is renowned for rapidly innovating new product features so PRCA members will benefit from the very latest technology in media measurement and campaign showcases. This includes the opportunity to estimate reach on dark social sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Richard Benson, co-founder,  Releasd: “We’re proud to be PRCA partners and become part of a community that leads the world in PR practice and expertise. We want Releasd to significantly enhance the amazing PR work of all PRCA members and we are committed to helping PR experts showcase the full scope of their PR activity”.

Francis Ingham, Director General PRCA: “Releasd sets the standard in coverage reporting. Their platform will help PRCA members showcase the value of their work in a concise, visual way that resonates with busy clients and executives. Organisations have seen the enormous value that effective communication brings to its reputation and bottom-line. So now is the time to continue investing in the tools that capture the full breadth and power of modern PR.”

The unique partnership enables PRCA members to access Releasd at a special discount of 15% for the first 12 months.

PRCA members can book an immediate demo here and access the exclusive discount by quoting their PRCA membership number when selecting their required service. Prices start from just £65 per month for up to 5 users.

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