Slaven Mandic joins CASA International

Slaven Mandic joins CASA International

12-04-2021 18:59:00 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1040 | Tags:

Slaven Mandic, the Director of Advertising at Mediahuis and founder of Wayne Parker Kent has joined pan-European Home & Living company CASA International. The company has close to €300 million in revenue, 500 stores and approx. 3200 employees. 

Slaven Mandic: “There's a huge opportunity to gain a strong and early foothold in the €120bn European home deco market. Only 5% of that money is currently spent through e-commerce channels. We think CASA is uniquely positioned to accelerate it's e-commerce growth and become a dominant e-commerce player in this market.

Together with management team at CASA and the team at Globitas, I'm going to focus on seizing this opportunity.

While I'm extremely excited about all of this and very much looking forward to entrepreneurship again. It also means letting go of a company that I hold dearly.

Mediahuis has been such a tremendous place to work. I'm thankful for all the opportunities I was given, and all the great people I've had the pleasure of working with. It was amazing to experience from the inside how this company is transforming itself and the European news industry.

Thank you GertRienCasparMarcKoosPaul. You have been amazing mentors and I hope I can still rely on your wisdom while I embark on this new adventure.

BoazMachteldAda. Thanks for helping me navigate. You guys are a truly special management team. We've gone through so much together. I'll miss working with you!

Thanks to all the Wayne Parker Kent heroes. Still winning almost every pitch they enter. I wish them all the luck, which they won't need, under the skilful leadership of Daan.

So many names are popping into my mind right now that it's impossible to mention everyone. I'm sure there are going to be many opportunities for us to connect, drink, work, and laugh together.”


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