SmartMedia Technologies joins Amazon Advertising Partner Network

SmartMedia Technologies joins Amazon Advertising Partner Network

08-07-2022 11:40:47 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1495 | Tags:

 SmartMedia Technologies (SMT), the Enterprise Web3 platform the future is being built on, has been accepted to the Amazon Advertising Partnership Network, a new global community of agencies and tool providers that can help advertisers achieve their business goals through Amazon Advertising products.

As an Amazon Advertising partner, SMT is dedicated to executing the best possible service and results for its current and future client roster. The Partner Network enables SMT to further develop their capabilities, engage more deeply with Amazon Advertising, and continue to grow the business. Through offering marketers an omni-sales channel approach for their direct to consumer businesses, this collaboration brings a new level of innovation to the table for the SmartMedia Stack.

Michael Chock, Chief Solutions Officer, SMT: "We are thrilled to join this new community because it perfectly aligns with SMT's philosophy of always embracing new methods of connectivity. We can't wait to utilize the network and its tools to further deliver successes for current and future clients."

SMT believes that Amazon will continue to be a major growth driver for its brands' and direct-to-consumer businesses and with this, there will be new challenges in understanding how search and social budgets should be attributed to Amazon sales. This admission into the network is the latest step in SMT's growth, securing its space amongst some of the top agencies and tool providers in the industry.


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