TBD Media releases newest entry in its 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders campaign

TBD Media releases newest entry in its 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders campaign

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TBD Media Group is delighted to be releasing the newest entry in its trailblazing 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders campaign; drawing attention to the companies and leaders working to ensure a sustainable future.

Challenges facing the climate and the need for greater sustainability are undeniable. Environmental and social concerns can no longer be mere platitudes expressed and ignored by businesses should they wish to survive and thrive in today's climate. Action is now expected and demanded in equal measure to reckon with key areas of concern.

With 7.9 billion people living on the planet, change becomes critically important to ensure its future; for if current lifestyles and methods are maintained, the equivalent of three planets could be required to provide the natural resources for an increasing population by 2050. However, as the leading businesses around the world are aware, future-proofing cannot occur without an understanding of the pressures that will arise after the fact.

The challenges facing forward-thinking companies around the world are significant and varied: Agriculture must be optimised in a sustainable fashion to ensure the world of tomorrow does not go hungry, even as the planet itself remains protected. Economies around the world must become future proof in a manner that ensures environmental and social sustainability across communities and regions. Similarly, in the undertaking to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, it becomes important that solutions do not cause further negative impact. The 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders campaign explores such difficulties and the companies engaged in developing the solutions that will shape our society going forward.

This campaign uses inspiring and original documentary-style films to identify and celebrate the leading organisations around the globe who are recognising the sustainable challenges currently posed, along with the potential presented by concepts like digitalisation, the circular economy and technological innovation when pursuing positive change that will have an irrefutable effect on the future of societies and industries alike.

Paolo Zanini, CEO, TBD Media Group: "The world is undergoing a transition into a more sustainable and climate-conscious future, but it's the businesses of today that will help to shape this tomorrow. It is therefore only right that the leaders and pioneers working to overcome the challenges we are all facing are given a platform to communicate the trials and successes of their endeavours."





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