The Worldcom Public Relations Group installs new global board and regional committees

The Worldcom Public Relations Group installs new global board and regional committees

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The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the global partnership of public relations firms, formally installed its group board and regional committees for 2021-2022.

 Todor Ianev, Managing Partner, Janev & Janev, Sofia, Bulgaria was voted in as the Group Chair, his first term in this role, and welcomed his new board during Worldcom’s monthly board meeting. Stefan Pollack, President, The Pollack Group, Los Angeles, CA was appointed as Vice Chair to serve alongside Ianev.

Monty Hagler, CEO, RLF Communications, Greensboro, NC will continue as chair of the Americas Committee; Luis Avellaneda, Managing Director, Realidades, Lima, Peru will chair the LATAM committee and Serge Beckers, Managing Partner, Wisse Kommunikatie, Arnhem, The Netherlands will begin his first term as chair of the EMEA Committee.

Todd Lynch, Managing Director, The Worldcom Public Relations Group: “In building a partnership of the finest independent agencies in the world, we are also fortunate to be led by some of the finest PR minds and leaders of those agencies. This strength in partnership produces strong board leadership. Todor Ianev, with Worldcom’s regional chairs and the new Global board members, are poised to build on Worldcom’s strong global brand as well as facilitate strong partner interaction, strengthening our organizational governance, implementation of our annual thought leadership initiative, and ongoing business and marketing campaigns.”

Todor Ianev, Managing Partner, Janev & Janev, Sofia, Bulgaria: "It is an honor to continue serving Worldcom’s partnership, and I am looking forward to supporting my fellow partners. The organization and peer support/interaction has never been more active or valuable to agency leadership than through the last 12-18 months, and I am excited to keep this momentum moving forward.”

During a challenging year, Worldcom has launched new initiatives and expanded the partnership by five partners. The strong leadership behind Worldcom and the support of its partners have become especially apparent in recent months.

Ianev: “Worldcom’s partnership is rooted in trust and collaboration. It creates an environment that allows us to lean on each other in the good times and through unforeseen challenges. This collegial support and interaction are invaluable, especially in navigating the many challenges posed in the last year.”


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