UK's Deliveroo partners with Button to drive incremental sales

UK's Deliveroo partners with Button to drive incremental sales

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Button, mobile commerce technology company, announced that Deliveroo, online food delivery company in Europe and Asia, has launched with Evolution™, Button's product suite that provides industry-first personalization and intelligence products.

These products are designed to give marketers the opportunity to spend smarter across their partnerships and affiliate traffic, conduct incrementality tests to better understand incremental return on ad spend (ROAS) across publishers, and increase sales.

The current pandemic has fundamentally shifted the way people consume, especially when it comes to the way they dine. With a base of people trying food delivery apps for the first time as a result of stay-at-home guidances, it's no wonder eMarketer forecasts that the number of smartphone food delivery app users will rise 25.2% to 45.6 million this year. As competition in the food delivery space gets more heated, it has become a forcing function for brands in this category to spend more judiciously through better intelligence and testing capabilities.

Deliveroo partnered with Button to unlock incrementality testing - dynamically targeting holdout groups across publishers on Button's Personalization API in order to measure the incrementality of new and existing Deliveroo orders at scale. Through this testing and learning, Button's solution will give Deliveroo a better understanding of incremental ROAS, open up new partnerships with Button publishers, and enable the brand to spend bigger budgets more confidently while it expands its user base and grows sales.

Michael Jaconi, co-founder and CEO, Button: "We are excited to welcome Deliveroo, one of the world's leading unicorns, to our platform and have them join us to forge an evolution in how brands diversify their spend across channels. Deliveroo approached Button saying that while all its other marketing channels run regular incrementality tests, its affiliate channel and partnerships it structured were lagging behind. We are honored to partner with the innovators at Deliveroo to deliver on the promise of more intelligent spending in the highly profitable category of performance marketing to help them achieve their goal of providing the best food delivery experience to the greatest number of people."

Tiziana Bacchilega, Global Affiliates Lead, Performance Marketing, Deliveroo: "At Deliveroo we strongly believe in testing and learning, especially when it comes to marketing spend. Through our partnership with Button, we are able to double down on a category we haven't historically invested in by gaining better insights on the incrementality of the partnerships and affiliate channel with individual publishers. We hope that through this partnership we will be able to offer consumers more relevant experiences on mobile."



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