VICE Amsterdam and Google Nest announce new content collaboration

VICE Amsterdam and Google Nest announce new content collaboration

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VICE and Google Nest have announced their new content collaboration ‘Huisdier Liefde’.

Huisdier Liefde is a co-branded video series that shows famous pet owners using the Google Nest Cam and the Nest Doorbell to sneak a peek at what their furry friends are up to when they’re by themselves. For many people, and their pets, the pandemic shook up their daily rhythm.

Now that the world is slowly but surely opening up again, and working from home is being replaced by office life and hybrid work, the relationship between pets and their owners has changed up once again. The new content campaign Huisdier Liefde delves deep into the bond between famous pet owners and their pets to show how their bond has developed itself during the pandemic.

Pet owners get the chance to peek into the lives of their pets through the Google Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell. In a series of three videos the pet owners get to see what their pets are up to when they’re by themselves or, for example, when their owners are asleep during the night.

 The pet owners also discuss the special connection they share with their animals and how the pandemic has changed that connection.

Documentary producer Lize Korpershoek for example, noticed how the bond with her cat Dennie became a lot stronger and how Dennie became more affectionate with Lize at home more.

Jasper Vierboom, Creative Director, VICE+: “The content series Huisdier Liefde shows how the functionality of the Google Next Cam and Nest Doorbell exceeds security. These gadgets also allow you to not have to miss a single moment in your furry friend’s life. The videos also offer an intimate look into the lives of famous talent.”

David Neri, Product marketing manager, Google: “With this content series we want to put a smile on your face and offer a look into the lives of 3 animal lovers who show us what their beloved pets are up to on a daily basis. Shout out to VICE for the way they brought this series to life.”

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