VICE Media Group’s Newfront calls for end to data discrimination

VICE Media Group’s Newfront calls for end to data discrimination

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Despite its ubiquity, the use of personal data in advertising to target campaigns according to demographics has become a discriminatory practice.

The advertising industry takes a person’s gender, age, and ethnicity, to decide, on the individual’s behalf, what messages they receive, all while making false assumptions and vast generalizations about their identity.

VICE Media Group has taken a stand to say this archaic practice is unethical and is a diminishing and shallow way of grouping human beings. And while demographics account for the lion’s share of audience targeting, research has shown that the practice is also less effective.

Independent case studies have found that contextual data helped clients exceed return on ad-supported goals by 289%, and reduced cost per acquisition across display ads by 2.5x. With the cookie finally crumbling, VICE Media Group is calling upon its advertisers to reconsider the discriminatory practice, and instead capitalize on a community-driven approach that targets people’s passions, interests and values.

VICE Media Group has introduced a new contextual targeting solution. It encompasses VMG’s various audiences to allow brands to connect with these communities with off-the-scale rates of engagement, and in a more meaningful and impactful way than simply through demographics. The product can be broken down into two central components.

First, VMG expanded its syndicated cookieless audience universe by a 1000%. From a single taxonomy to five, advertisers can now go beyond solely targeting top line subject matters, and reach audiences according to sub topics, sentiment, emotion, and predictive models.

 VMG developed a proven activation methodology centered around populating a first party seed set based on live creative testing in order to eschew bias and let the data drive decisioning.

After being in development for the past 18 months, VMG’s solution provides its advertiser partners with a data driven means to achieve nuanced, endemic content adjacency.

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