Willem-Albert Bol appointed CEO of Abovo Maxlead

Willem-Albert Bol appointed CEO of Abovo Maxlead

23-02-2021 09:09:00 | Door: Bob Koigi | Hits: 1453 | Tags:

Willem-Albert Bol has been appointed as the new CEO of Abovo Maxlead effective April after being with DPG Media for seven years.

Abovo Maxlead, located in Hoorn and Oegstgeest, is an independent marketing and media consultancy firm with 230 employees and expenditure of 200 million euros.

2021 has only just begun, but Willem-Albert is already explicitly applying for Media Transfer of the Year.

Willem-Albert Bol (46) started at DPG Media, formerly de Persgroep, in 2014. There he had various roles as Manager Marketing Advertising, Creative Director and most recently Director Business Development.

Lauren van der Heijden, Advertising Director DPG Media: “First of all, we would like to congratulate Abovo Maxlead for this great news. Willem-Albert has given a lot of color to DPG in recent years and in particular to the way in which we have started positioning ourselves on the advertising market. We are very grateful to him for this and look forward to the renewed cooperation with him in the role of CEO of Abovo Maxlead. ”

Kees Verbeek, founder of Abovo Maxlead together with Marinus Zoutendijk: “We see Willem-Albert as the right CEO to lead our company to the next phase. Due to the acquisition of Maxlead two years ago, our combination is much better able to respond to the commercial and digital challenges of our customers. Willem-Albert's broad experience and large network will help us to take the right steps.”

Willem-Albert Bol: “Those who know me know that saying goodbye to DPG Media is difficult for me. I really got to experience the passion for media. Due to the growth and entrepreneurship it has never been boring. The opportunity that Abovo Maxlead offers me fits my ambition for a role with ultimate responsibility. I get the right mandate to make a difference. Abovo now looks a bit like De Persgroep when I started there: a company full of potential and a very strong team, but also too modest. I see it as my task to put the agency on the map as a leader. ”



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